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Announcement: Revamped and Improved Forum Infraction List [Last Edited on 03/01/14]

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Dear Forumites,

This is an updated and revamped version of our Forum Infraction List. All warning points are now permanent and will not expire. Each forum user will be able to view their own accumulated warning points by clicking on the Warn Status bar underneath their User Profile picture or Forum Avatar. This bar will be completely filled when the user has accumulated a total of 10 warning points, resulting in an immediate ban.

Here we will list down all the infractions and their corresponding descriptions, as well as the Warning Points that each infraction carries. By registering for an account and participating in the forum, all users are deemed to have read, understood and agree to the Code of Conduct of the Playpark Community Forum. Warnings and suspension of forum accounts are definite consequences for not adhering to the rules. Ignorance will not be accepted as a valid reason for breaking them.

Name Description Infraction Points
Cross-postingPosting the same/almost similar content in multiple posts/threads. Includes deliberately creating multiple threads on the same subject matter.1 point per multiple thread
Circumventing a ban or suspensionPosting on another account or having someone else post in your behalf when your account has been suspended or banned is not allowed. As a result, a new suspension or ban will be issued for the offending account.Same penalty for new offending account
AdvertisingAn advertisement is any content designed to sell, promote or publicize an event, good, or service. Advertising of any material not related to Asiasoft Online or its games and services are prohibited on this site, with the exception of the respective Lifestyle Forums.3
Image AbuseOffensive content posted in the form of images. Also applies to excessive posting of non-constructive images (Captions/Memes) and posting of oversized images. Backyard and Guild sections exempted from this rule where appropriate.2 points per image
Off Topic PostingThe post contains content that is irrelevant given the thread's topic.1
Harrassment/Violent/Threatening ContentThe post contains content which conveys a threat, harrassment or violence of any manner towards any user or group.3
Controversial or Sensitive ContentThis refers to when a user brings up a controversial issue (e.g. religion, nationality, politics, moderation issues) within the course of an on-topic discussion. Please keep all content in its proper place at Asiasoft Forum.3
Inappropriate/Offensive ContentThe post contains material inappropriate for a family-rated website. Includes sexually suggestive material, offensive gestures, explicit contents such as gore or pornography, portrayal of drug/alcohol abuse, whether through the form of words or images.3
Profanity/Vulgarities/CursingThe post contains language presumed to be considered offensive by a majority of our users, or the poster has deliberately circumvented the swear word filter by substituting asterisks/numbers/symbols for certain letters, or by deliberately misspelling words. If the offending word can be determined by context then this warning can apply. There is no exception.2 points per circumvention
Malicious Content (Offsite link)The post contains a link to content considered malicious/illegal at Asiasoft Forum (e.g. advertising/referral links, URLs to hacking websites, private servers)3
Posting of Personal InfoThe post contains an email address, phone number, street address, or other private information about another person. We do not allow the posting of this information because it is against a person's right to privacy and confidentiality. Posting self-information such as own email address and or Facebook links with the intention to advertise is also prohibited.3
RacismThe post contains a judgment of the intelligence, character, or appearance of a race of people, supports a position of superiority of one race over another, or contains humor or other text which would reasonably be considered offensive by a member of a given race.3
Excessive BumpingThe post does not contain relevant information and was made purely to keep the poster's thread near the top of the thread listing. We allow two bumps per thread in the span of 24 hours. Thread closure will be warranted for over-bumping threads which are still on Page 1 of the respective forum section.1 point per excessive bump
Personal AttackThe user has attacked another user's (or a group of users) intelligence, character, background, appearance, etc.3
TrollingThe post is designed to annoy other users, inflate the post count of the author, describe or recommend an illegal or recklessly dangerous activity, or give advice that, if followed, would cause obvious harm. 3
Flaming/BaitingThe post contains content which is designed to elicit/provoke an emotional response from other users.3
SpammingPosting of a non-constructive reply or starting a thread which has no discussion value. Backyard and Guild sections are exempt from this rule.1
Thread NecromancyPosting a reply or bumping a thread which has been inactive for a month and beyond (reviving a dead thread). Guild Sections are exempted from this rule.1
Report AbuseThe user has abused the reporting system by repeatedly requesting moderator intervention when none is required.1
Inappropriate Profile Picture/AvatarThe user's avatar qualifies as offensive content or includes a non-Asiasoft related advertisement/referral link.2
Inappropriate Custom User TitleThe user's Custom User Title qualifies as offensive content or contains a non-Asiasoft related advertisement/referral link.2
Inappropriate Profile Field ContentOne of the user's profile fields contains offensive content.2
Inappropriate Forum NickThe user's forum nick qualifies as offensive content.2
Inappropriate User SignatureImages are to be kept at a maximum allowed framesize of 600 x 200 pixels plus a maximum of 5 lines of text. Offence includes oversized and/or inappropriate images.2
Malicious Account CreationAccount created solely for the intention of trolling, spamming or flaming will be immediately banned. Includes spam advertisers.10
Monetary TradingTrading of game items, game currency, Cash Shop items, Redemption Coupons or any game-related material in exchange for legal tender. Includes the intent to conduct monetary trading. Substitution of abbreviations referring to legal tender and/or deliberate circumvention in hopes of bypassing our manual post filtration will also be penalized. Posting of phone numbers will immediately be constituted as an intention to conduct monetary trading regardless of the circumstances. Prospective clients (or people responding to thread) who show interest in items and also "bid" illegally, are to be penalized with 5WP. No exception will be allowed.10
Cross-game TradingTrading of material from one game title to another is prohibited.10
Illegal Account TradingBuying/Selling/Gifting/Exchange/Handover of Asiasoft Passport and/or game accounts are strictly prohibited.10
Illegal @Cash TradingTrading of game items, game currency, Cash Shop items, Redemption Coupons, iGacha Codes or any game-related material in exchange for @Cash Serial Numbers or vice-versa.10
Illegal Service TradingRequesting/Advertising of Illegal Game Services e.g. level-up services, etc.10
Challenging AuthoritiesPost contains elements designed with the intention to defame, discredit, challenge, threaten Asiasoft Management / Administration / Moderators / Game Masters / Game Developers / relevant authorities5
Public NuisanceReleasing of untrue information in the forums that might lead to a confusion and disturbance in the forums, e.g. patch times / dates / content / promotions / events5
ImpersonationImpersonating Asiasoft Management / Administration / Moderators / Game Masters / Game Developers / relevant authorities5
Illegal DiscussionDiscussion of topics deemed illegal by law, or by the individual policies of the respective Asiasoft game product.3
Forum ExploitExploiting of forum loopholes / glitches / bugs to gain a feature or function not normally permitted to the respective user group, or to manipulate the user profile / rating / post counts5