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Dear Forumites, Kindly take note of the following posting guideline for all game Trade Sections. Warnings and suspension of forum accounts are definite consequences for not adhering to the rules. Ignorance will not be accepted as a valid reason for breaking the following rules.
Name Description Infraction Points
Monetary TradingTrading of game items, game currency, Cash Shop items, Redemption Coupons or any game-related material in exchange for legal tender and/or @Cash. Includes the intent to conduct monetary trading. Substitution of abbreviations referring to legal tender and/or deliberate circumvention in hopes of bypassing our manual post filtration will also be penalized. Posting of phone numbers will immediately be constituted as an intention to conduct monetary trading regardless of the circumstances. This means that we will not accept excuses such as "I have no time to be online ingame, please contact me via SMS/Call/WhatsApp/etc." If you wish to trade, please make the commitment to conduct all trade agreements in the forum, and trading of items ingame. 10
Cross-game TradingTrading of material from one game title to another is prohibited.10
Illegal Account TradingBuying/Selling/Gifting/Exchange/Handover of Asiasoft Passport and/or game accounts are strictly prohibited.10
Illegal @Cash TradingTrading of game items, game currency, Cash Shop items, Redemption Coupons, iGacha Codes or any game-related material in exchange for @Cash/@Cash Serial Numbers or vice-versa.10
Illegal Service TradingRequesting/Advertising of Illegal Game Services e.g. level-up services, etc.10
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