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New Bug Report

Use this section to report bugs that you encounter or issues that you experience while playing

  • 202 Topics
  • 287 Replies
Unread forum

Insufficient Information

Reports that do not follow the report template or are lacking the required information will be moved here.

  • 91 Topics
  • 256 Replies
Unread forum

Accepted Bugs

Reports that have sufficient details will be moved here while waiting to be validated and verified.

  • 122 Topics
  • 520 Replies
Unread forum

Unable to Verify

Bugs that have been reported but cannot be replicated even though they have been investigated and tested will be moved here.

  • 25 Topics
  • 91 Replies
Unread forum

Confirmed Bugs / Planning to Address

Bug reports that have been tested by the Nexon development team and are scheduled for fixing will be moved here.

  • 45 Topics
  • 239 Replies
Unread forum

Duplicated Bug Reports

Submitted bug reports that are similar to an already reported issue will be moved here. Before submitting a report, please check to see whether a similar bug has already been reported. Reports that have been moved to this category will not be investigated.

  • 23 Topics
  • 42 Replies
Unread forum

Working as Intended

Bug reports that are actually features that are working as intended will be moved here.

  • 24 Topics
  • 85 Replies
Unread forum

Not a Bug Report

Reports or queries related to matters that are not considered as bugs will be moved here.

  • 79 Topics
  • 245 Replies
Unread forum

Resolved Issues

Issues that have been resolved by the original TS or resolved by other players after being reported will be moved to this thread.

  • 54 Topics
  • 211 Replies
Unread forum

Fixed Bugs

Bug reports that have been fixed/addressed will be placed here.

  • 98 Topics
  • 380 Replies