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Posted 12 December 2012 - 01:52 AM

Been playing the game since the start of cbt, the game is like most of the other generic anime style 3d mmorpg , the dungeon is pretty good however normal leveling feels like eternity.

Stuff that i feel that are lacking / could be implemented to match RO1
-Elemental damage, archers in ro1 can use elemental arrows depending on different monsters , aco deals holy damage to undead. Only elemental feature i see in RO2 atm is the mage's skill ice skills that inflict frozen status into lightning spells.

-Cards are now very generic as they all give stats unlike RO1 , Gravity released a statement about this being to help poorer players get better cards easier as compared to ro1 however there should still be some features like "bonus damage to double strafing , increased certain buff duration/effect" etc

-Font is weird and players should be given a choice to change fonts like in ro1

-Variety of skills , i am currently playing a beast master, the job itself is pretty unique however i will be using skills obtained from lvl 25 all the way till 50. The only incentive for leveling up to unlock stronger skills does not exist unlike ro1

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