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Help Topic: How to Login/Register

Hi. This is just a short tutorial for the benefit of those who are still confused on how to sign-up for a new forum account (You need a Playpark account - also known as a PlayID, to login into our forum). Hope this helps! 1) To login, look for this button at the top right corner of the forum screen :- Posted Image
2) Next step :- Posted Image
3) What should happen after clicking the Sign In button - you should see this screen (if you don't see this screen during your first login attempt, please try to login from another browser) :- Posted Image
4) After clicking the "Yes" :- Posted Image
5) After clicking the "Submit" button :- Posted Image
If your tagging request is successful, you should see the next screen as follows :- Posted Image
This means, please give Astrea some time to receive your requests and do the necessary work. I'll email a tagging confirmation to your PlayID email address once the tagging is complete, so you'll know. /bsmile Hopefully everyone is clear on how to register/login! Welcome on-board!!